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Maximize Client Engagement through Track SMSWhen it comes to communication - be it P2P, A2P or the like - preferences have become the new patents. 
Take OTT messaging services: from a geographic perspective, the East prefers WeChat, the U.S. - while heavily reliant on SMS - prefers Facebook Messenger, and Africa and Europe prefer WhatsApp.
In an increasingly on-demand world with multiple communication channels through functionally unique devices (smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets and now watches), preferences and convenience are the key components of engagement - providing multiple avenues to your content and/or services to account for a variety of access points will not only provide a better user experience, but ensure engagement on your end-users’ terms, wherever they are, through whichever device they’re using at that moment. To that end, it’s in any enterprise’s best interest to leverage the various channels available on each device to engage consumers.
This in mind, we feel it’s an obvious win to include SMS as a supplement to your print, TV, radio, social media and email campaigns. As the channel with the highest open rate, SMS is an ideal access point to link users to your content or service. 
Think about it: how likely would you be to read a weekly newsletter if it arrived on your smartphone as a link embedded in a text message? You’d likely tap the link and give it a quick scan for anything that piques your interest, and you could unsubscribe immediately. The process is quicker and more convenient than accessing content through your email app, and can occur anywhere. As we explain in our piece on the state of mobile messaging, SMS succeeds where other channels can’t - it’s easily the most reliable.
Leveraging Core Features
When designing your Mobidrive application, consider the interplay between a smartphone’s core features: SMS and mobile browsing. Simply embedding a link in a text message can reap measurable rewards when it comes to site traffic.
If your end-users are likely to own smartphones, consider how you might integrate external services with Mobidrive through Track SMS. Smartphones enable you to link your end-users to mobile pages where they can sign-up, make a purchase, take a survey, consume content, and more. 


  1. A lot of businesses have started using text message services to stay connected with their clients and customers. We are also doing the same for our business. But since most parties associated with us are using the Slack plarform, we have opted for the facility to send sms to slack.

  2. Now Send billions of SMS per second- anytime anywhere from MSGCLUB Bulk sms gateway and API


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