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Error code

Call Sajiv@ 8122-444-777    (or) WhatsApp@  Click here   Delivery status, that we are following as per TRAI. Message State Description SCHEDULED The message is scheduled. Delivery has not yet been initiated.A message submitted with a scheduled delivery time may return this state when queried. This value was added for V5.0 of SMPP and V3.4 and earlier MCs are likely to return ENROUTE for scheduled messages. ENROUTE The message is in enroute state. This is a general state used to describe a message as being active within the MC. The message may be in retry or dispatched to a mobile network for delivery to the mobile. DELIVERED Message is delivered to destination The message has been delivered to the .destination. No further deliveries will occur. EXPIRED Message validity period has expired.The message has failed to be delivered within its validity period and/or retry period. No further delivery attempts will be made. DELETED Message has been deleted.The message has