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WhatsApp API

For Support/ Offers-Discounts from Mobidrive.. For MORE details:   Call- Sajiv@ 8122-444-777   (or) WhatsApp Chat@  Click here   Loading… API  URL User/pass Video Blog mobi123 Click  here Click here OUTPUT  Results Terms and Conditions & Usage Directions Terminology: Channels - Sender number which is use to send whatsapp message Number- Receiver Number 1) Limit:  Daily Limit of Sending Dynamic API with 1 channel is 2000 numbers per day.  For more numbers ask us to add more channels.  Further/ Additional channels will be added at one time setup cost of Rs 5000/- 2) Validity:  Validity depends upon quantity, As mentioned below: Quantity Validity 1 Lak minimum - Validity 1 year Note: After setup, if higher quantity is recharged again, then validity sh

DEMO Account

MobiDrive Demo Accounts * Bulk-Sms I   WhatsApp I Voice call  I  Email  I   MissedCall  I  API * Short code  I  Long code  I  Virtual number  I TollFree - IVR * School Software  I  Web design  I  Database  I  Mobile-Apps ​ SL​ No Mobidrive RATINGS FREE SMS OFFER 1. Mobidrive  JD Ratings ->  Facebook  Like & comments ->  Click here Google  Ratings ->  2. SMS Demo account  Click here Online Payment   Jd Pay Give Ratings & mail to,  Call or whatsapp, will get FREE discount sms   Call Prem @ 8122333355 NEW User: Sign Up Demo Account for SMS/ E-mail / WhatsApp / Voice & more Route URL User Password Login Video SMS (or) mobi123 mobi123 Login Play WhatsApp mobi123